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Where is the furniture made ?

A:   All Shilo furniture is made in Vancover, Canada.

What kind of wood do you use?

A:   Mostly solid, kiln-dried Canadian pine aswell as have access to some hard woods.

How is the furniture finished ?

A:   Our standard finish is stain and wax. We offer varathaned and painted finishes aswell!

Can I place a custom order?

A:   Yes, we can customize most items to meet your needs.  Since we build in Vancouver we can produce custom orders relatively quickly. If you have a design of your own or a picture please feel free to fax it to us or attach the picture and e-mail us, we will get an estimate to you. 

How long is my custom order going to take ?

A:   From 2 to 6 weeks depending on the size of order.

Does Shilo do shipping ?

A:   We deliver through the lower mainland. Its up to the customer to find shipping.

What kind of warranty do you offer ?

A:   We fully guarantee all our products against material and labour defects and reserve the right to repair or replace. Pieces should be brought to our factory.